Lamb Days Schedule of Events

Left: Queen-Melanie Beck, Center: 1st Attendant: Olivia Hanson, Right: 2nd Attendant: Danisha Ivory

Friday, July 14th: 
12:00 pm :Youth Lamb Show and Judging at the Big Bowery-City Park                                                                                  1:00 pm: ATV Ride
3:00-9:00 pm: Craft Fair at the City Park
5:00-8:00 pm: Lamb & Sourdough Dinner at the City Park
8:00 pm: Lamb Pit Preparation- Behind City Hall
9:30 pm: Kids’ Movie- City Park

Saturday, July 15th
6:30am |  Fun Run (Starts at City Park) Contact Allyson Strait for more information (435)262-1404
7:00-9:00am | Chuckwagon Breakfast at the City Park
7:30am | Flag Ceremony at the City Park
9:00am-6:00pm | Craft Fair at the City Park
10:00am | Mammoth Parade-State Street- contact Greg Bailey for more information (435)262-7683
11:30am | Watermelon Eating Contest at the City Park
12:00pm | “Lamb Days Got Talent” if interested, please contact: Bonnie Folkner (435)851-0719
12:00pm | Activities at the Park include: raffles, Games, Rides and Entertainment
1:30pm | Lamb Sandwiches at the City Park
2:00pm | Lamb Sale at the City Park
3:00pm | Mutton Bustin’ at the City Park, for more information contact Darcie Cook (435)445-3272
4:00pm | Sawdust Dive, Prize Drawings at the City Park
6:00pm | Co-Ed Softball Championships at the City Park
10:00pm | Fireworks