City Officials:

MAYOR: Mark Coombs
COUNCILMEN: Larry Woodcox, Rod Hansen, Julio Tapia, Stuart Smith, Shelith Jacobson.

Councilmen Responsibilites:
Rod Hansen: Water and Sewer
Stuart Smith: Roads and Buildings
Larry Woodcox: Planning Commission
Julio Tapia: Fire Department
Shelith Jacobson: Recreation, Parks, and Cemetery

SUPERINTENDENT OF WATER & SEWER: Roger Aagard 435-851-1263
IRRIGATION WATER MASTER: Tyson Rasmussen 435-279-5234
FIRE CHIEF: Todd Robinson 801-372-1349
POLICE CHIEF: Chad Huff 445-3453
CITY RECORDER: Michelle Walker 445-3453
CITY TREASURER: Lola Stewart 445-3453
CITY SEXTON: Roger Aagard 445-3453
COURT CLERK: Tammy Larson 435-262-7709
JUDGE: Mark McIff 445-3453

City Council Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00pm
A Work Meeting will be held before City Council meeting at 6:30pm.