City Council Minutes-August 24, 2017

The regular meeting of the Fountain Green City Council was held on Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fountain Green City Hall, 260 W 100 N.

Attendance:  Jerime Ivory, Jeff Walker, and Dean Peckham.  Excusing Scott Collard and Holly Oldroyd.

Presiding:  Mayor Ronald L. Ivory

Prayer:  Jerime Ivory


Damaged Headstone.  Ken Anderson had sent (to the city) some time lapse pictures of his mother’s headstone which showed that damage has taken place over a period time.  Mr. Anderson felt that the City is responsible for the damages and should pay for a new headstone.  Fountain Green City’s policy states:  Fountain Green City personnel will, at all time, exercise diligence and reasonable care in the protection of the rights and property of the lot owners, but shall not be liable for any damage or loss.  Councilman Ivory stated that he had reviewed the pictures and apologized for the said damage.  He explained that the city does due diligence in trying not to damage any of the headstones during routine maintenance.   The City would not replace the headstone.

Cemetery Boundary Line.  After the discussion in the work meeting (see work meeting minutes) regarding a possible 20 ft. difference in the boundary lines on the North West (beginning at the mower shed and going west) of the Cemetery, the Council would like to talk to the new land owner before having a survey scheduled.

Planning Commission.  Bryan Allred, Planning Commission Chair, presented a letter of recommendation to the Mayor and City Council.  The letter was a denial of David Bradley’s building permit since the proposed addition to the front of his house did not meet the required setbacks.  However, they did recommend that Mayor Ivory request a meeting between Mr. Bradley and the Board of Adjustments.

David Bradley presented his appeal to the Mayor and City Council and explained that because of the condition and age of the house, the sensitive land area in the back of his property and his special needs daughter, the addition needed to be added onto the front of the house.

Dean Peckham made the motion to accept the Planning Commission’s letter of recommendation and have Mr. Bradley, through a request from the Mayor, meet with the Board of Adjustments.  Seconded by Jerime Ivory, all in favor.

Eagle Project.  Jaron Peckham would like to plant trees (20-30) around the edge of the cemetery.  Jaron has asked David Bradley to help him with the details, such as, choosing trees that do well in the areas climate, a watering system, how to protect them from wildlife, and size.  Jeff Walker made the motion to let Jaron move forward with help from David Bradley and Roger Aagard.  Seconded by Jerime Ivory, all in favor.

Letter from Mia Love’s Office.  An email, addressed to Mayor Ivory, from Mia Love’s office, stated that the City could possibly apply for a fire station grant through FEMA.  The Council gave Mayor Ivory the go ahead to check it out.

Jerime Ivory made the motion to pay the city bills.  Seconded by Dean Peckham, all in favor.

Jerime Ivory made the motion to approve the minutes as read.  Seconded by Jeff Walker, all in favor.


The PTA would like to use the new concessions building at the park during their haunted house fundraiser.  Council agreed that it was built for community use.

The City received a thank you letter from the Sanpete Pantry for their contribution to the Pantry parking lot project.

Officer Huff reported to the Council that he needs a police TAC.  He has used Sheila (County Sheriff’s office) as his TAC, but she is no longer available without a monthly fee.  He is hoping that he can wait to see if the Inter-Local Agreement between Moroni and Fountain Green’s Justice Courts comes through and he will just use Moroni’s police TAC. He will need someone soon.

Jerime Ivory made the motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Dean Peckham, all in favor.

Meeting adjourns at 8:30 p.m.