October 2016 City Council Minutes

October 27, 2016

The regular meeting of the Fountain Green City Council was held on Thursday, October 27, 2016 in the Fountain Green City Hall, 260 W 100 N.

Attendance:  Jerime Ivory, Jeff Walker and Holly Oldroyd.  Excusing Scott Collard and Dean Peckham.

Presiding:  Mayor Ronald L. Ivory

Prayer:  Holly Oldroyd


Centracom.  Jerime Ivory made the motion to accept and renew the 20 year Franchise Agreement with Centracom.  Seconded by Jeff Walker, all in favor.

Easement with DWR.   There was much discussion regarding the DWR construction project located in the Big Springs area, due to an interest with Fountain Green City, Fountain Green City Irrigation Co. and the DWR.  The DWR drafted an Easement Agreement to be reviewed and signed by all three entities.  The Agreement defines the construction project which will allow the Division to construct, maintain, and if necessary, replace the underground water storage basin.

Invited Roger to attend the pre-construction meeting.

Question – Why does the DWR want to get rid of the pond? Answer – The pond was built for a source of power to operate the power plant (currently owned by the DWR and is no longer in use).  There is a concern about the bio-security of an open pond in regards to the Fish Hatchery, and with the pond system being as old as it is the project would cut back on water leakage.

Jeff Walker made the motion to accept and sign the Easement Agreement For Big Springs Collection System drafted by the DWR.  Seconded by Jerime Ivory, all in favor.

Hiring of Judge.  Mark Bailey and David Christensen accepted the assignment of being on the hiring committee.  Will move forward with the hiring as set by the AOC.

Lion’s Club Santa.  Jerime Ivory made the motion to donate $100 towards the Lion’s Club Santa Claus.  Seconded by Holly Oldroyd, all in favor.

Asphalt at the DUP.  There is a small area on the northwest side of the DUP parking lot that was not included in the asphalt bid on the Mainstreet Project.  Fountain Green City received a bid of $1,320.00 from Staker & Parson’s, however, Councilman Walker has spoken to Gene Peckham, Peckham Asphalt, who offered to asphalt that area for materials only ($1500.00).

Mr. Peckham would like to use the money left from the Mainstreet Project to repair the stucco on the dance hall, costing about $6,000.00. He would also like to look into doing another block of sidewalk on State Street.

Sheep Show Committee.  Amy Oliver came to the city council asking for a variance regarding plans to build a bowery on the northwest corner of the park for the sheep during Lamb Day and for the use of Fountain Green residents during the rest of the year. The variance being needed since the bowery does not meet the front setbacks of 25 ft. from property line.

Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission presented a letter of recommendation to the City Council to deny the request.  The letter also referred to Ch. 5 in the General Plan regarding the use of the Board of Adjustments.


Tamera Bailey – Another bowery would take up too much green space.

Don Despain – Agrees

Bryan Allred (Planning Commission Chair) – Only need to have the lambs shaded for two days out of the year.  Why not just put a temporary shade up while the lambs are at the park.  Would satisfy P.C.

Jerime Ivory made the motion to accept the Planning Commission’s letter of recommendation and deny the request due to the north setback of the bowery not being in compliance with the required building setbacks.  Seconded by Holly Oldroyd, all in favor.

Councilman Scott Collard asked that Heather Papenfuss (Planning Commission Secretary) write a letter that could be sent to all Citizens explaining the building permit process and that all structures need to go before the Planning Commission.  The Council members in attendance wanted Councilman Collard and Councilman Peckham to have the opportunity to look at it before being sent.

City Council will hold a public hearing to hear what the public thinks about the extra bowery.

Fair Board Projects.  Tabled for next month.

Miss Lamb Day.  Allyson Strait, committee member, met with Snow College.  There are no full-tuition scholarships available, but Snow College is willing to donate a match of 25% to any funds that the pageant recipients receive from sponsors.

Allyson presented the agreement from Snow College for the Council to approve.  Jerime Ivory recused himself from voting since his wife is the chair of the pageant which left only 2 members of the council present.  The item will be put on next month’s agenda for a quorum vote.

Church Parking lot.  Councilman Jeff Walker reported that the church will install two sump pumps (southeast corner) in the parking lot to catch excess water.  They will leave the line that runs down 100 West to the catch box on the corner of state street for any overflow.

CVMC Bill of Sale.  The Council was not clear as to why there needs to be a bill of sale.  They felt that the Purchase Agreement already took care of the details.  The Mayor will ask them to come to November’s meeting.

City Bills.  Jeff Walker made the motion to pay the city bills.  Seconded by Holly Oldroyd, all in favor.

Minutes.  Jerime Ivory made the motion to approve the minutes as read.  Seconded by Jeff Walker, all in favor.


Trash cans in business district.  Does the city want to put one back?  Jeff thought the city should order a decorative one to put back by the post office.  The Mayor will ask Lewis Rasmussen if he’ll be willing to continue to empty it.

City Council to move November’s city council to the 3rd Thursday. Since the regular scheduled one is on Thanksgiving Day.   Need to also adjust December’s.

Christmas Party.  Scheduled for December 10th.  Will need to bring names for awards next month.

Flag at DUP.  Scott was to check.

Sports Director.  Fuzzy will be temporarily moving to Moroni, but will be moving back to Fountain Green.  Holly Oldroyd asked the Council if they should leave him as the city’s athletic director.  All agreed that it would be okay.

Burke. – Cemetery Lots.  Would like to purchase grave spaces at resident costs, even though they are not.  Council agreed to follow policy.

Should the Fire Dept. continue pursuing grants from CDBG and CIB for the new fire station?  Jerime Ivory thinks that the city would be in a better position if they were to wait for the new granting year.

Jeff Walker made the motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Holly Oldroyd, all in favor.

Meeting adjourns at 9:55 p.m.



Michelle Walker, City Recorder