May 2016 City Council Minutes

May 26, 2016

The regular meeting of the Fountain Green City Council was held on Thursday, May 26, 2016 in the Fountain Green City Hall, 260 W 100 N, Fountain Green, UT.

Council present: Scott R. Collard, Jerime Ivory, Dean Peckham and Holly Oldroyd.  Excusing Jeff Walker

Presiding: Mayor Ronald L. Ivory

Prayer: Jerime Ivory


Well Report/ Pay Request. Garrick, Jones and DeMille was in attendance to report on the well.  They reached the final depth of 570 feet.  The well is cased and screens in place so they can start test pumping next week.  The testing will determine how much water it produces and if it affects the Irrigations Company’s well.  Estimated completion date – 2 weeks.  Jones and DeMille will hold a pre-construction meeting with Barton for the piping.  They hope to have most of the work done in town before Lamb Day.

Jerime Ivory made the motion to pay request #28 from Jones and DeMille for $40,321.93 and All-Wells Drilling invoices totaling $76,448.87. Seconded by Dean Peckham, all in favor.

Temporary Judge. Mayor Ivory introduced Judge Mark McIff to the Council and had him briefly explain the hiring process of a Judge and why Fountain Green City can only hire him on a temporary basis until December.  The process of appointing a full-time judge is under the state’s jurisdiction and usually takes 3 – 4 months.  Fountain Green City will have to start the process in October. Another option is to just enter an Interlocal Agreement with another court. Jerime Ivory made the motion to hire Judge Mark McIff as the temporary Judge for Fountain Green City until December. Seconded by Holly Oldroyd, all in favor.

Miss Lamb Day Pageant Director.  Abby Ivory asked the Mayor and Council if she could fill the Pageant Director’s vacancy.  She would like to put a committee together to help out so that one person does not have all the responsibility. The Miss Lamb Day Pageant is under the city’s jurisdiction.  The Little Miss Lamb Day Pageant will have a different committee to oversee it, with help of the current royalty.

Scott made the motion to accept Abby Ivory as the new Miss Lamb Day Pageant director, Seconded by Dean Peckham, all in favor. Jerime Ivory abstains due to conflict of interest.

Gene Peckham publically thanks Kathy Taylor for a job well done and for her years of service.

Planning Commission. Billy Sims is wanting to put solar panels on his house.  The General Plan has nothing regarding solar panels so they granted him a Conditional Use Permit.  Billy was not there to sign the permit so he will have to come to next month’s council meeting.

Mainstreet Project/Pay Request. Mike, Ensign Engineering, gave the update on the project stating that most of north end of the block had cement poured.  They will start on the south end next week. The sidewalks will be finished first so that the businesses can stay open.  Hopefully by the 3rd week in June they can start the concrete for the plaza. By July 1st the planters and landscaping should be started.  The current benches from Eagle projects will be incorporated into the design.

Scott Collard made the motion to pay the request made from Ensign ($8,897.50) and Carlisle ($62,569.10). Seconded by Jerime Ivory, all in favor.

Park Project/Pay Request. Dean Peckham made the motion to make the pay request of $20,635.54. Seconded by Jerime Ivory, all in favor.  Sid Facer is still working on the blocking.  There is a safety concern regarding the children who attend summer lunch at the park and the possibility of injury if they climb on the structure. Michelle will call and ask them to move it to the school until the roof is on.

Lamb Day Coed Softball Boundary line change. In a previous council meeting Councilman Dean Peckham asked the Council if there was any way that the people, south of Fountain Green city limits who were recently put into the Fountain Green LDS 2nd ward boundaries, would be allowed to play in the city Lamb Day Co-ed softball games since they will be helping in other areas of Lamb Day as part of the ward.  It was decided that the Committee would be approached with the idea.

The current rules are: All adults (ages 16 or older) that live (or grew up) in Fountain Green and their spouse.

Scott Aagard, representing the coed softball committee, read a letter drafted by the committee. Some of their concerns regarding a change in the rules are listed as follows: Laws have been set that require a separation of church and state.  It is their fear that by changing the rules, to accommodate one religious group, would do more damage to both the church and the city.  The committee has had to protect the integrity of the tournament by defending the rules for 16 years.  They feel that by compromising the rules for only those people who have been added to the 2nd ward boundaries, with no other exceptions, will offend those who have been denied playing in the past as well as those who believe in the separation of church and state.

John Bailey, representing Fountain Green LDS 2nd Ward, stated that there has been a lot of discussion on the separation of church and state, boundaries, who’s right and who’s wrong.  He feels that the bottom line is a moral issue.  These people have been moved into the 2nd ward’s boundary. They have children going to school in our elementary school.  They are our Scout and Cub Scout leaders.  They have become part of the community.  The decision made tonight in this meeting will cause actions and reactions and will have a ripple effect.  The consequences of this decision could last for years.  The final decision needs to be carefully thought out.

After much discussion and argument, Mayor Ivory called for a roll call vote: Jeff Walker – absent, Scott Collard– in favor of changing boundary lines, Jerime Ivory – not in favor, Dean Peckham – in favor, Holly Oldroyd – not in favor.  As the voting was tied.  Mayor Ivory broke the tie – not in favor.

Open and Amend 2016 Fiscal year budget. Jerime Ivory made the motion to open and amend the 2016 fiscal year budget, adding in the miscellaneous revenue and finalizing the expenditures. Seconded by Scott Collard, all in favor.

Approval of the 2017 Fiscal year budget. Scott Collard made the motion to adopt the 2017 fiscal year budget for $453,108.00 which includes a transfer to the general fund from the water of $21,500 and the sewer of $15,886. Seconded by Holly Oldroyd, all in favor.

Parking Ordinance. Officer Huff addressed Councilman Peckham’s concern of not having a warning or some type of communication stated in the amended ordinance before receiving a ticket for being out of compliance.  Officer Huff said that he would add some type of wording and bring it to the next council meeting for approval.   City will then hold a public hearing.

City BillsScott Collard made the motion to approve and pay the city bills. Seconded by Jerime Ivory, all in favor.

Minutes. Scott Collard made the motion to approve the minutes as read, from the Council’s work meeting and the regular city council meeting.  Seconded by Dean Peckham, all in favor.

Jerime Ivory made the motion to adjourn. Seconded by Scott Collard, all in favor.


Meeting adjourns at 10:10 p.m.



Mayor Ronald L. Ivory



Michelle Walker

City Recorder