Theatre & Dance Hall

Ft__Green_TheaterThe Fountain Green Dance Hall and Theater was built in 1918 as a place for people to gather, enjoy entertainment, and strengthen community ties. The dance hall and theater fell on hard times after it closed in the late 1950s. By the late 1990s, the roof had caved in and the floor rotted away. Where many cities would have seen the building as a total loss, the small town of Fountain Green found inspiration in the building’s heritage as a community gathering-place. Dedicated to renovating the dance hall and theater as a community center, the citizens rallied around the project. In an amazing outpouring of generosity and community spirit, Fountain Green citizens donated funds, materials, and labor to the project. Through six years of tireless work, the community brought the building back to life. In the process, the building gave the community new life. As Fountain Green Mayor Scott Collard explained, “This project . . . is very near and dear to all our hearts and has brought our community together in unity like nothing anyone could ever have imagined.”

Contact: Denise Aagard  435-445-3376


74 South State Street
Ftn. Green, UT 84632